Ode to love, life, longing etc.

                             Music, madness, magic spell

                            Though soon enough, the evening fell

                            The party was over; dusk turned to night, and how.

                           I’ve lived through it all, I’m an old man now.

                           And I’ve got a story to tell:

                          She said that she had found someone new

                          That the magic was long gone

                          Said I had grown too difficult to love

                         And it was time for her to move on

                        It was a new beginning for me too

                        Sixty ciggarettes a day; wounds drowned in whiskey

                        Fleeting romances, thoughtless debauchery-

                        Ah, sweet freedom!

                       My blood was slowly turning blue.

                      I didn’t it too well, truth to be told,

                     I was Angry. Hurt. Fragile.

                    The wind had knocked down the Castle

                    Of cards, they began to fold.

                    Then one day,

                    I died.

                     Or so I thought, and closed my eyes,

                     Resigned to the fading pain…

                    And after a minute or so,

                    I woke up, and found myself,

                   Well, and alive. Yet again.

                  And now I’m here, still breathing,

                  Living from day to day

                  I’m here and I’m still singing

                      And here’s what I’ve got to say-

             Life is sometimes forgiving,

                     But mostly lacking;imperfection,

                Imperfection begets,

                 Although a life that is well lived,

              Is hardly ever without regrets.

(For T, written on August 6th, 2014)


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